As all are aware by now, plastic bags / items made with plastic are not renewable. That means the items made with plastic cannot be easily recycled like biodegradable products. They are made of petrochemicals, which is what makes them non-renewable and a risk to the health of the planet. They last for hundreds of years, all the while doing damage to natural habitats and killing animals that mistake them for food.


Our biodegradable products are made from natural materials like tapioca starch granules and vegetable waste. We buy materials from farmers which would be highly profitable and a good source of alternative income to them.

Eco Friendly

Our biodegradable products are affordable, eco-friendly and will cause no harm to planet and to animals. The use of biodegradable products can avoid toxic plastic waste in our country.


Eating food in plastic plates and drinking water in plastic items will cause serious health issues to us. Using our biodegradable products is 100% safe and healthier. Use biodegradable products and lead happy life.

About us

Our basic purpose is to generate awareness for the usage of biodegradable products. Thus, the bioproducts can be brought to a common man. We create environmental benefits of industry to regional, local and global level and leave lesser effect of carbon footprints of human being on planet. Our key focus is to diminish the effect of global warming on environment, water scarcity and climate change day by day in the world.

Asian Biogreen is an eco friendly industry in providing biodegradable bags and films for the collection of organic waste for the purpose of composting. Our mission is to keep organic waste from ever entering a landfill. Unlike regular plastic bags, BioBags are made from a resin derived from plants, vegetable oils and compostable polymers and can be consumed by micro-organisms that live in our soils. Because of this, our BioBags can be readily composted along with organic waste at municipal composting facilities. Asian Biogreen completely produces compostable bags. We are, instead, a small company of dedicated employees, who are fully committed to ONLY producing certified compostable bags and films.

Asian Biogreen encourages organizations which involved in entrepreneurship programs in biotechnology, to go GREEN, create the infrastructure for bio-technology industries in state. We create innovative products, techniques and solutions in bio-technology industry. We also promote private investments in biotechnology companies from outside. Thus, our ultimate purpose is to save environment and to save people's health from getting effected and to provide appropriate environment to achieve these objectives.

Shri Ganta Swamy, Executive Director


Our vision is the expression of commitment, for greener-better tomorrow, towards whole biotech industry and thru that to the mankind.


Our mission is to produce more and with greater sustainability, while giving shapes to our innovative ideas and thus to present to eco-friendly to the society.


Base of Asian Biogreen is "Go Green" and so as its principles. We believe in environmental and social responsibility, and thus our commitment is to help our employees and community grow and prosper by providing safe, chemical-free products with high quality.

We focus on organic, green and natural products that supports healthy environment and make the products that causes less environmental impact on production, transport and disposal. Asian Biogreen provides high quality products at lowest possible cost that is easy to purchase and use.

Promoting environmental awareness is a root step of our business relations. We look forward with business ethics for all the products we deliver. Asian Biogreen aims to deliver environment-friendly products by means of continuously improving our own performance and ensures environment friendly production methods throughout whole supply chain.

Our Products

We manufacture and supply biodegradable products like Glasses, Plates and Bags which are made of natural raw materials like tapioca starch granules and vegetables waste. We source these raw materials from farmers which would be highly profitable and a good source of alternative income for them. Please go through our products and we will be happy to meet your biodegradable products requirements.

Biodegradable Glasses

These glasses are made of Corn starch and these are bio-polymer. These are 100% replacement for your regular plastic. These are Rigid, durable, versatile Looks and acts like plastic, but it’s not plastic, it is 100% Compostable.

Biodegradable Plates

These plates are elegant, disposable party plates made from natural materials. These are an alternative to conventional disposable plates. These are hygienic, non-odorous, non-toxic, light weight plates and are environment friendly.

Biodegradable Carry Bags

100% Biodegradable and eco-friendly bags. Our range of Starch Based bags come handy for all your carry bag needs. These are decomposable and non-toxic covers made from natural materials and do not harm the food.